The client application connects to the services it uses via a network.

The client contains the presentation, the controller, and a volatile version of part of the model. The server contains the persisted full model.

There is one server and there are multiple clients.

Client-Server architecture diagram

A Client-Server system is one in which the server performs some kind of service that is used by many clients. The clients take the lead in the communication.


  • Web-applications

Where does it come from?

At the advance of multitasking operating systems in the nineteen-sixties, it became possible to access a single computer (the server) from different terminals (clients). The distance between the clients and the server became bigger and the number of clients increased. At the time the application and database tiers were still integrated. It is called client-server computing.

When should you use it?

When your service has a central data store and multiple users.