The user interface should be easy to understand

How does it work?

Clarity has the following aspects:

  • Familiarity: the user interface components and patterns should be familiar to the user. If you introduce a new component, make it simple to understand and provide documentation on the page.
  • Visual hierarchy: the information that's most relevant to the user should be shown prominently. Secondary information should get less attention.
  • Consistency: use similar layout, controls and colors for similar functions
  • Learnability: the application should be easy to learn
  • The main navigation flow should be clear to the user
  • Don't make me think: a clear interface requires little mental effort on the part of the user
  • Present choices positively: a checkbox "Extra lettuce", rather than "No extra lettuce", is easier to comprehend. Exception: items that are positive by default and require an action to be negative (i.e. "Hide subtitles")
  • Simplicity: avoid unnecessary complexity. Make navigation simple.
  • Closure: a task that involves multiple steps should have a clear beginning and end, and the user should be able to navigate between steps